Doggy Extras

If you choose to utilize our basic boarding option, you may add any of the following to your pet’s stay in order to make it more enjoyable for your pet.


  • Walks - enjoying the outdoors on a leash with one of our caregivers will give that added one on one attention as well as extra exercise - $5.00 per walk
  • Playtime - a chance for your pet to play in a fenced in outdoor pen with one of our caregivers. We will play catch and tug a rope. Your pet will receive all the extra tummy rubs, hugs and cuddles and all the extra attention to make their stay more enjoyable - $7.00 per playtime, 20 minute session
  • Petting Session - $10.00, 20 minute session


  • Stuffed Kongs - available with meat, cheese and kibbles. For the doggy with a sweet tooth there are dessert kongs with peanut butter, doggy cookies and kibble. We provide the kongs and carefully clean them daily - $3.00 each
  • Doggy Delight - the ultimate for the doggy with a sweet tooth or two! This treat will indulge your pet with a heavenly frozen yoghurt dessert with a few doggy cookies - $4.00 per serving
  • Doggy's Choice Breakfast - a special breakfast for your family member. Scrambled eggs, bacon Beggin' Strips and Bow Wow Bagels for our canine guests - $5.00 per serving
  • Holiday Meals - Freshly roasted turkey with the trimmings: creamy whipped potatoes, nibblet corn and carrots - $6.00 per serving


  • Basic Bathing - a thorough shampoo, conditioner, drying and brushing (we do not de-mat). Bath prices will depend on the size of your dog and length of hair. Prices vary from $20.00 and up.
  • Flea Bathing - we do our best to keep away fleas by keeping our premises clean inside and out. It would be rare for your pet to get fleas at our facilities. We cannot guarantee that it would never happen. What we do promise is to work hard in the prevention of fleas. We recommend that flea preventative programs such as "Advantage" be properly utilized. If your pet has fleas, we will notify you by your home telephone number and leave a message if we are able. Your pet will be bathed at your expense and the charge will be added to your invoice. Charges for a flea bath are $10-$15 in addition to regular bathing price.
  • Brushing - daily brushing of "fido's" coat will help to maintain the original condition of your pet's fur - $10.00 per brush, 20 minute session
  • Nail Trimming - we will happily trim your pet's nails. However, your canine family member needs to be staff-friendly and cooperative - $12.00
  • Teeth Brushing - must be staff friendly - $10.00